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Frequently Asked Questions

If you live in an area where the water is not pure enough to drink straight from the tap, then maybe you should consider water filters that will help to remove the contaminants from your water? If you would like to know more about the services of Atmo Systems, then you need to read our frequently asked questions post.

Why should I choose your company?

For several different reasons, one being our system is a one-of-a-kind device that allows you to get pure drinking water that is free of contaminants. It does not need any external piping and uses the least amount of energy to work. We have been providing the people of Honolulu, HI with our services since 2016, and our system exceeds the standards of the EPA, not to mention saving them money on utility bills and bottled water. We currently supply our services to the likes of Singapore, across the U.S., Canada, Haiti, Africa, Puerto Rico, Guam, and Indonesia.

Can you give me a few examples of your prices?

Not a problem, read the following examples.

Our stand up Art ATMO System 25 can produce 6 gallons of water and is priced at $3,695.00.

ATMO System 30 uses a Panasonic variable compressor and is priced at $4,295.00

Can you give me a more in-depth list of your services?

Of course, we can, to find out more information on any of these, please do not hesitate to call us on the contact number listed at the end of this post.

  • Atmospheric Water Systems
  • 99.99% Pure H2O Consistency
  • Reasonable Prices
  • Efficient Water-from-Air Production

What are your opening hours of business?

We are closed on Sundays, and for the rest of the week, we open from 9.30 am to 7 pm, and Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm.

I am guessing you accept cash payments, what about any other method of payment?

We also accept Discover.

Do you have a license?

Yes, we have been licensed as a 5-star rating for energy efficiency.

Other than Honolulu, HI, do you offer your services in any other city?

Yes we do, we offer our services in:

  • Maunawili, HI;

  • Heeia, HI;

  • Ahuimanu, HI;

  • Palolo, HI;

  • Kahaluu, HI.

If you do not see your city, please, give us a call and ask us.

Can you give me any more information on your products, and how they can benefit me?

Of course, our device will extract water from any humid ambient air, water vapor found in the air is condensed, this is done by cooling the air to below its dew point, and, unlike dehumidifiers, our system is designed to make this water potable. This system is beneficial in areas where pure drinking water is difficult or impossible to get. Our Atmo System creates pure water from the moisture found in the air, so the days are gone when plastic water bottles are used, and there is no more shipping, lifting or storing water containers. All you have to do is plug it in, and it starts filtering the air in your home, dehumidifying it, and produces alkalized and hydrogenized water!

This is where we will need to conclude our FAQ post, we hope it answered all of your questions. If not, please call Atmo Systems at (808) 220-4579 today to find out more about our water filters.

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